FRUKKO BIO ECONOMY 6 (up to 4-6 persons)

  • Complies with EN 12566-3 + A2: 2013
  • Made of pure HDPE without recycled material
  • Meets agglomeration requirements
  • High pollution reduction, confirmed by tests in a laboratory notified by the European Commission
  • Very durable, ribbed construction
  • 10 years warranty for the bioreactor, 2 years warranty for electrical devices
  • Simple to use
  • The simplest model with an air distributor, without electronics
  • Aeration system placed in an external box, which prevents flooding
  • Cheap in operation
  • Easy to install by yourself, without losing the warranty
  • A complete device, ready for instalation
* Assumed for 150l of daily water consumption per one person.

Karta produktu

Basic data of Frukko Bio Economy 4*
TypCapacityPersonsTyp i moc dmuchawy
FRUKKO BIO ECONOMY 4up to 0,6 m³-0,9 m³/day up 4-6* SECOH JDK-80

* Assumed for 150l of daily water consumption per one person.

Averaged pollution reduction in wastewater treatment plants ***
TypeBOD 5 % of reductionCOD % of reductionSS % of reductionN % of reductionN-NH4 % % of reductionP % % of reduction
FRUKKO BIO ECONOMY 6 94% 93% 94% 89% 90% 90%

*** tests of sewage treatment plants in a notified laboratory showed much better effects of wastewater treatment by the sewage treatment plant.