Rainwater Harvesting Tanks

FRUKKO Garden System and RAINBOX System

  • Our company is a manufacturer of FRUKKO GARDEN SYSTEM rainwater tanks.! The tanks are used for collecting rainwater.
  • the tanks are made of 100% pure polyethylene without milled material additions, which makes them very strong
  • the tanks are manufactured in Poland
  • the tanks ale monolithic, thanks to which there is no risk of sealing failure, cracking or leaks
  • the tanks have received technical approval of the Institute of Environmental Protection in Warsaw AT-15-9310/2014
  • the tanks have a ribbed structure, which additionally strengthens them and protects from being pushed out
  • wall thickness 10 mm, which makes the tank one of the better ones on the market
  • structural strength confirmed in the Departament of Building Structures of the BRI in Warsaw, Calculation Report no. LK00-0913-14/Z00NK
  • the tanks can be installed up to 1 m underground without a sand and concrete bed, only providing a bed of ground suitable for density increase
  • the tanks are produced using the ROTOMOULDING method
  • small dimensions of the tanks enable them to be installed at samll premises
  • tanks can be connected serially to obtain greater capacities

Characteristics of the FRUKKO RAINBOX SYSTEM tanks:

  • equipped with the FRUKKO 3 INGLOW solution, unique in its class. It is the option to lead the inflow pipe to the tank at various angles, centrally through the middle of the tank, on the left of the tank, on the right of the tank. This solution enables avoiding the necessity of using bent pipes.
  • every FRUKKO 3 INFLOW(inlet) is separated from others by a special cavity, making every inlet and outlet an individual part and additionally strengthening the structure.
  • thanks to the 3 inflow system, it can be installed at an angle
  • FRUKKO 3 INFLOW enables connection of up to 3 inlet pipelines in cases of extensive stormwater drainage systems
  • easy to install by yourself due to one of the lowest-positioned inlets available on the market
  • every sediment tank has a ribbed elevation system for the 70 cm hatch (adjustable), which additionally strengthens the tank’s structure.




Frukko Garden System Dimensions

TYPE Liters diameter / lenght hight
FGS 700 700 l 797 mm 1600 mm
FGS 750 750 l 700 mm 2000 mm
FGS 2000 2000 l 1350 mm 1800 mm
FGS 2500 2500 l 1350 mm 2300 mm
FGS 3000 3000 l 1750 mm 1800 mm
FGS 5000 5000 l 1750 mm 2300 mm
RAIN BOX 2000 2000 l 2150 mm 1160 mm
RAIN BOX 3000 3000 l 2150 mm 1620 mm
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