Sawage Active Sludge System

MBOŚ biological wastewater treatment plant

  • the M-BOS sewage treatment plant guarantees high treatment efficiency, confirmed with testing by a European Union-notified laboratory
  • the treatment plant is compliant with the European standard EN 12566-3+A2:2013

  • tanks have a special, ribbed structure, which prevents the tank from being pushed out

  • aeration and control system, located in a special box outside, above ground, preventing any risk of flooding by precipitation or groundwater

  • tanks to its compact size, suitable for any premises

  • high quality components: blower, electric valves, controller

  • simple operation, selection of operating modes

  • M-BOS sewage treatment plants are manufactured in Poland, on modern machines, using the rotomoulding method. We sell complete sewage treatment plants, ready for installation 

  • made 100% of pure polyethylene without milled material additions

  • CE marked
  • risk of sealing failure or leks
  • the sewage treatment plant has a 10-year warranty for the bioreactor



Water from an M-BOS sewage treatment plant

can be removed to:

  • a ditch or a watercourse
  • to percolation packets
  • to percolation tunnels
  • to an absorption well
  • to a sealed tank
  • it can be recovered for household purposes


Mean reduction of impurities in MBOS SBR sewage treatment plants at nominal flow

Sewage treatment plant testing in a notified laboratory demonstrated

signicantly better efects of sewage treatment by the plant.


BOD 5 % reduction     

COD % reduction      Total Suspension % reduction KN     N-NH4    P
MBOS  4 - 50 94 % 93 % 94 % 89 % 90 % 90 %





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